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How much cannabis are you legally allowed to purchase in Canada?

Buy marijuana in ontario buy weed online canada Are you ready for it? No matter where you are in Canada. You can legally possess, carry, and share (with other adults, obviously) 30 grams of cannabis. If you’re trying to wrap your head around just how much that is, it is about 60 to 75 pre-rolled joints. Depending on where you are in the country, it could cost anywhere from 160-400 Canadian dollars. Buy weed online canada

What’s the legal smoking age?

In most provinces across Canada, the legal age for marijuana use is 19. However in Quebec, the legal age is 18. More recently, their newly elected government has vowed to raise the minimum age to 21. Buy weed online canada

So can you just smoke anywhere you want in Canada?

We wish! Could you imagine if Canada was one big hot box? To date, nearly every province in Canada has banned smoking both cigarettes and cannabis in indoor public spaces, public transit facilities, and at workplaces where smoking could take place. Buy weed online canada

Buy weed online canada

In Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, the law states that people can smoke cannabis where they can smoke cigarettes. But in Halifax, there are plans to make designated toking zones. Buy marijuana in Ontario

Don’t feel like getting fined or ticketed? This Wikipedia entry does a good job of breaking down province by province where you can smoke, without issue. For the full listing of the Cannabis Act, province by province, read it here. It’s a long read, but a useful one. Buy marijuana in Ontario

So where exactly can I buy cannabis in Canada and how much is it?

Each province has its own specific rules on where to purchase cannabis. The important thing to remember is that weed will be legally sold only in government-regulated stores, and typically have a seal displayed in the window to indicate they are approved by the Canadian government. You can also buy weed online in Canada at green-lifemarijuana.com

While many provinces have an option to order online, you definitely can’t order legal cannabis while you’re not in Canada. A deep-dive through each province and territory’s online cannabis sales website suggests you can order while in the province and have it delivered to your hotel or Airbnb for arrival within a matter of days. (What a treat!)

Buy marijuana in ontario

More recently, US Border Services has gone on record to remind folks that the United States still considers cannabis to be an illegal substance. They have said that they would block Canadians from traveling to the US if customs officials find out that they have purchased the drug, or been involved in legalized production. So it’s something to consider and be aware of. Buy marijuana in ontario



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