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“God’s Gift consistently performs well (at least 18-22% THC) when lab-tested and has a delicious berry flavor patients seem to love.”

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Buy God’s Gift Weed Strain Online Canada

buy god’s gift weed strain online canada order marijuana online canada. An interesting combination of cannabis elements. God’s Gift is not only a powerful indica, with a 90% indica, 10% sativa ratio. It also ranks in high when it comes to THC content. buy god’s gift weed strain for online god’s gift strain canada

Which is typically around 18-22% on average, or so the conducted lab results have shown. Sometimes reach upwards of 27% percent or even higher. It parent strains are two classic marijuana types. Granddaddy Purple indica and OG Kush hybrid. Both notorious for their highs and pleasant, healing qualities. order marijuana online canada buy god’s gift weed strain online canada

The strain itself is rich in trichomes and boasts a hefty oil content. Which makes it a brilliant selection for producing bubble hash, extracts, kief, dry sift and more. God’s Gift is not only medicinal, especially benefiting those seek pain relief. It is also versatile and offers a multitude of well-rounded uses. god’s gift strain canada buy god’s gift weed strain for online

God’s Gift Strain Canada

As with many strain types. God’s Gift very much takes some of its physical characteristics from its parent strains. Which would make perfect sense considering that it is genetically related to them after all. Possessing an aroma similar to its purple relative. Granddaddy Purple, God’s Gift smells intensely of grapes and other mixed fruits. Touch the senses with an extra element of herbal earthiness and just a hint of sweet spice. order marijuana online canada

The flavor smoothly hits the tongue, sending the taste buds into a fresh experience. Reminiscent of freshly picked berries, just cut citrus fruits and sweet pastries. The aftertaste is forest-like, flavored like the tall stretching trees and the hearty earth beneath them. The inhale and exhale are especially smooth, generating little to no coughing and a lovely feeling after the smoke has gone.

Appearance-wise, God’s Gift is simply stunning. It takes most of its visual appearance from its parent Granddaddy Purple, with sugar leaves that are a gorgeous and radiant violet shade, blended with touches of green and gray, a grand contradiction against the scattered throughout bright orange pistils, which are those tiny hairs that curl and weave throughout the frosty buds.

It does not seem surprising that God’s Gift’s flowers display a thick coating of crystals, because these trichomes match up accurately with this indica’s immense THC content. The crystalline nature of this strain is beautiful, appearing similar to the first frost of the winter. When the streets glisten and sparkle underneath the evening street lamps.

Medical Benefits of God’s Gift:

God’s Gift is most suited for assisting those dealing with the difficulties of pain management, from a wide array of sources. Those with arthritis (joint pain), multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic pain, migraines/headaches, muscle spasms and back aches can genuinely benefit from this gift. Additionally, this marijuana strain substantially helps those with medical conditions pertaining to the mind, because it completely rebalances these chemicals within the brain, and uplifts emotions, mood and overall spirit.

For this reason, those with depression, chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar, can all experience some relief. God’s Gift is potent and contains plenty of THC, therefore a full bowl or more is sufficient for those with physical medical ailments, while just a few hits, or a much smaller quantity, is best for medical patients with conditions pertaining to the mind and mental state.

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  1. Hank

    Top notch strains. Price is way less for this quality. Thanks

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